Prior Scientific 新產品 – Dual Sensor Technology from Queensgate

New – Dual Sensor Technology from Queensgate

Queensgate Instruments new Dual Sensor Technology is a ground­breaking new objective scanning mechanism and analogue controller, offering faster, more accurate and more stable microscope objective focusing than ever before.

Dual Sensor Technology is a pioneering control technique that represents a step change in nanopositioning technology, overcoming the limitations of traditional controllers and allowing faster step responses, improved stability against payload changes and a dramatic increase in mechanical bandwidth. The first system to take advantage of this innovative technology will be Queensgate’s new OSM­Z­100B 100 μm objective scanning mechanism and NPC­A-1110DS standalone analogue single­ axis closed loop driver. This technical innovation will allow throughputs up to three times faster than the industry standard, with unrivalled step and settling times.

OSM­Z­100B 100 μm objective scanning mechanism

NPC­A-1110DS standalone analogue single­ axis closed loop driver

Dual Sensor Technology Dynamic Performance of an NPS-X-15A with and without DST Control.

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